Blog Banner: One Million Wallets - RSK Winners Announced!

One Million Wallets - RSK Winners Announced!

Covalent, along with our ecosystem partner, RSK, are delighted to announce the winners of over $20,000 in prizes for the #OneMillionWallets campaign! With nearly 400 participants, we received an impressive 150+ templated challenges submissions by non-developers participating as part of the community challenges and an impressive 10+ production-level hackathon submissions.

All the teams using the Covalent API built projects based on the Hackathon sponsor prizes, Sovryn, Money on Chain, Tropykus, BabelFish Money and Transfero. All the winning teams will evenly share a $12,000 USDT prize pool.

Quote from @ akbaridria

Never been easier to get the blockchain data this way.

The objective for this edition of the #OneMillionWallets campaign was to build RSK based digital asset wallets powered by the Covalent API. This is the first #OneMillionWallets campaign that we introduced to different regions in the local languages: Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Arabic, Tagalog and Ukrainian. This ensured that the challenges were presented to the different regions in their languages and resulted in an increase in participation. The campaign was significantly successful and special as we introduced a new category besides the Wallets and Dashboard categories: SQL Track.

The SQL track involved creating a replica of the Covalent database which was then set up for direct access to hackathon participants, looking to build analytics instruments with data queried directly from the Covalent PostgresDB replica.

The #OneMillionWallets campaign is fundamentally about educating the community on how to access and analyze disorganized and complex blockchain data through a ‘Proof-of-Education’ campaign to unlock the One Billion possibilities. #OneMillionWallets empowers anyone from developers to creatives to build their own custom crypto wallet powered by the Covalent API.

We are grateful to our main sponsor, the RSK Foundation, for providing $15K in bounties for the hackathon and community challenges, and Sovryn, Money on Chain, Tropykus, BabelFish Money and Transfero for each providing $2K for projects building out projects using based off on each partner.

And without further ado, here are a few project highlights!


by @akbaridria#6908. RSBank was built using the Covalent 'Get Log Event by contract address' and 'Get Transactions' endpoints to get the list of transactions that happen in MoC, Rsk Token Bridge and Sovryn Bridge. It returns data of TVL, Token quote rate and presents a nice graph dashboard.



by @drnutsu#4470. A playable dashboard, where users can decorate their lands and watch their farming APY growing together. It also includes an Analytics Dashboard that summarizes your APY reward and balance.


RSK Stablecoins Analytics Dashboard

SQL Dashboards by @isonar#5236. The Covalent API was used to extract all data of transactions, events and balances.


Metabase Dashboards for Liquidity Pool Data

This was a submission for SQL track and as such, it didn't require to use an API, but rather the raw SQL data from the Covalent DB.


Thanks again to all the participants! Check out the full winners’ list here. Congratulations to every one of you!

While we've seen some amazing OneMillionWallets-RSK hackathon submissions, we are also extending the timeline and posting the bounties on Gitcoin to encourage even more submissions since there still is some prize money left! Check out the ongoing bounties here!

The submission deadline for the OMW-RSK bounties on Gitcoin is Tuesday November 16.