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Crypto Wallet Kit

Instantly access all current and historical wallet balances and transfers for ERC20, NFTs and native tokens for 200+ blockchains, including Ethereum, Solana*, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, Base, Linea, BNB Chain and more.


Build Powerful Crypto Wallets Quickly With Covalent

Wallet & Portfolio Trackers

By integrating Covalent into your wallet or portfolio tracker you’ll get real-time and historical balances and transaction data for over 200+ blockchains for all of your users.

Token Gating

Token Gating is an effective way to build engagement with your project. Covalent’s Wallet API gives you instant token ownership data across all supported networks

Airdrop Snapshots

With our historical balances data, easily get token balance snapshots so you can Airdrop to the right token holders


Decoded Transactions




Unified Schema

How Does the Covalent API Help Build Crypto Wallets?

Token Balances

Say goodbye to juggling multiple RPCs and dealing with outdated prices. Our Token Balances endpoint lets you, effortlessly manage and display precise, real-time ERC20 and LP token balances across 200+ blockchains.

Rich Transaction Histories in One Place

Ditch the patchwork of transaction tracking. Covalent's endpoint delivers a full, paginated ledger of recent transactions, including inbound token transfers—scalable for any wallet size. Experience the stability and clarity you need to keep users informed and engaged with their complete blockchain activity.

Cross-Chain Activity

Eliminate the need for multiple network selections and RPC configurations. View users’ wallet activities across 200+ blockchains to display only what's important to them.

NFT Collection at a Glance

Take a complete inventory of wallet-bound NFTs, including ERC721 and ERC1155 types with floor prices, in a single query. We’ve cached over 200M NFTs so you can instantly get the data you need. Simplify the visualization of NFT collections, providing clarity on ownership across various blockchains for any address.


Multi-Chain Data Access

Discover all the chains where an address has been active, including both mainnets and testnets.

Comprehensive Transaction Insights

Gain insights into a wallet's blockchain activity by viewing its transaction history, including details like value and fees.

Enhanced Address Resolution

Simplify address entry with support for ENS, RNS, Lens Handle, and Unstoppable Domains.

NFT Inventory Display

Efficiently showcase a user's NFT portfolio with images and essential details, including unique traits and pricing, for a comprehensive view of their collection.

Real-Time Token Tracking

Monitor the real-time token balances in any wallet.

GoldRush UI Components

Accelerate front-end development while prioritizing user experience. Build and launch a robust wallet app in just a few clicks.

We're constantly impressed by the quality and quantity of innovative features released by the Covalent team for their GoldRush API.

Jin Chung


Covalent was the only solution able to meet our needs at scale and the team has been incredibly responsive and supportive in making us successful.

Nathan Snell

Co-founder & CEO

The Covalent API made it very easy to help our SAFE users categorize their on-chain transaction histories.

Jason Chong


Covalent was instrumental in getting us onboarded in our multichain journey. Fetching data became so much easier without digging through low level blockchain data layers.

Idon Liu


Covalent's Approach

Our mission is to empower the pioneers of tomorrow by building the richest and the most robust data infrastructure for the entire blockchain ecosystem.

Get started with Crypto Wallet SDK

Unlock the full potential of your wallet application with Covalent's Crypto Wallet Kit. Say goodbye to complex integrations and hello to a unified API that delivers real-time asset and transaction data, NFT insights, and economic scaling — all in one place.