GoldRush API Overview

A single, unified API for fast, scalable historical blockchain data.

Accessing blockchain data at scale can be challenging. Common approaches such as running or using public blockchain nodes can be expensive and limiting. Other solutions require writing custom and complex SQL queries and sometimes developers have to wait for data to be indexed and available. These data challenges are friction points which hinder Web3 development and adoption.

The GoldRush API is RESTful and provides a unified approach to fetch blockchain data with a consistent request and response object format. For example, a developer can fetch all token balances for an address across any of the 200+ supported networks by changing the unique network name in the URL:

Anatomy of an API request

This unified approach enables developers to implement the API once and automatically benefit from newly supported networks, endpoint performance upgrades and other improvements.

Base URL


Endpoint (Token Balances)


Complete API request

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