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Shaping AI with Verifiable Data

Large language models (LLMs) thrive on quality structured data; the Covalent Network is the most expansive on-chain structured dataset powering Web3. Cryptographically secured, open-source, decentralized, and built for enterprise-grade reliability the Covalent Network bridges the AI data gap in Web3.


Decentralized AI Requires Scale, Structure, and Security

Largest Structured Onchain Dataset

Large models require large structured datasets. Covalent offers battle-tested APIs to query on-chain data of over 100 billion decoded transactions from 200+ blockchains.

Verifiable LLMs

Build tamper proof and unbiased AI models. With a Covalent Network-secured database, you can build models trained on the highest integrity, cryptographically secure datasets and not fine-tuned on manipulated data.

We Are Here to Help

Covalent maintains active developer relations, can satisfy enterprise-grade SLAs, and can offer grants for crypto x AI projects building with Covalent data. We've invested millions in AI innovation, making cutting-edge tech development more affordable.

AI Use Cases powered by Covalent Verified Data

AI-Driven Onchain Analytics and Trading Strategy Discovery

SmartWhales uses AI for onchain analytics and trading strategy identification.

Automating Trading and Personalized DeFi Insights through AI

BotFi employs AI for automating trading and offering personalized DeFi insights.

Comprehensive On-Chain Analytics and Authenticity Verification

Laika AI applies AI for comprehensive on-chain analytics and authenticity checks in DeFi and NFTs.

AI-Enabled Financial Management Automation for Web3

Entendre Finance utilizes AI for financial management automation in Web3, including real-time insights and predictive analytics.

We're constantly impressed by the quality and quantity of innovative features released by the Covalent team for their GoldRush API.

Jin Chung


Covalent was the only solution able to meet our needs at scale and the team has been incredibly responsive and supportive in making us successful.

Nathan Snell

Co-founder & CEO

The Covalent API made it very easy to help our SAFE users categorize their on-chain transaction histories.

Jason Chong


Covalent was instrumental in getting us onboarded in our multichain journey. Fetching data became so much easier without digging through low level blockchain data layers.

Idon Liu


Covalent's Approach

Our mission is to empower the pioneers of tomorrow by building the richest and the most robust data infrastructure for the entire blockchain ecosystem.

Power your Decentralized AI Solution with Bullet Proof Precision

Unleash the promise of decentralized AI. The Covalent Network reduces friction and increases access for open-source solutions, catalyzing innovation in a transparent digital economy.