Blog Banner: October: 24 new blockchains indexed, API call growth skyrockets M/M 20%, and $80K up for grabs in hackathon bounties 🚀

October: 24 new blockchains indexed, API call growth skyrockets M/M 20%, and $80K up for grabs in hackathon bounties 🚀


  • SQL based on-chain analysis course, Data Alchemist Boot Camp, hits the ground running with kickoff on October 26th and 280 enthusiastic students.
  • Covalent achieves record growth experiencing a 21% increase in MoM API calls and indexing 45% more blockchains in the month of October compared to the entirety of Q2.
  • $80K in developer bounties in two hackathons open for registration now:
  • EVMOS DAO provided $75K in a developer bounty to be awarded to builders in the EVMOS - Covalent One Million Wallets Hackathon.
  • 5K for Defining DeFi: Google Cloud x Moralis Hackathon.
  • Don’t miss us at these upcoming events: 0xpo, ETHSF, and ETHIndia

Data Alchemist Boot Camp

Great to be part of the Data Alchemist Program from @Covalent_HQ !!Kick-off meeting in progress! 👨‍💻🤓📊— IlijasDev (💙,🧡) (@ilijasdev) October 26, 2022 <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

On Wednesday, October 26th, the Data Alchemist Boot Camp kicked off by welcoming the 280 students selected within the first cohort with the starting session led by Ganesh Swami, CEO and Co-Founder, Brandon Rochon, Lead Data Scientist, and Luke Harriman, Product Marketing Manager and Program Lead. The Boot Camp will teach SQL-based on-chain analysis, and the successful participants will be paid $2000 when they complete the course.

Blockchain Indexing


October saw phenomenal growth in expanding our blockchain ecosystem, powered by our network team. In just one month, 24 blockchains were indexed making this the most amount of blockchains ever indexed in one month at Covalent. Builders now have access to billions of rows of data from around 80 chains.



In the month of October, we had an overall growth of 21% MoM in API calls across the various blockchains - with the bulk of the growth coming from Ethereum.



On October 6th, Alvin Wang published a piece on why he joined Covalent and his path to getting here as an Engineering Manager. Read his story here: , Alvin Wang joins Covalent as Engineering Manager.

  • On October 13th, we released our quarterly report, giving our readers an exclusive insight into our traction. Read our business insights here, Quarterly Report October 2022.

  • On October 20th, we had our 16th Community Call. This call included the alpha on the Data Alchemist Boot Camp, our biggest highlights from September and October, and other updates on our products, hackathons, and events. ICYMI (In Case You Missed It), catch up by watching the recording here Community Call #16.

Builder Zone

  • October has been a month for builders unlike any other. With the highest number of submissions in one hackathon ever for Covalent, ETHOnline concluded in the first week of October where we received 55+ unique submissions of projects building with our GoldRush API.

  • Check out some of the top projects: ETHOnline Project Showcase

  • No bear market for builders; Covalent has over $80k in bounties available for hackathon submissions using the GoldRush API. Want to sign up? Check out our hackathons running below, still open for registration:

  • EVMOS - Covalent #One Million Wallets Hackathon

  • Defining DeFi: Moralis x Google Cloud

How to grow the demand side of protocols?Panel discussion with: @petkanics, @mattofontana, @zenzhenyu & @eash0xhosted by @olshanskyJoin Now:— Pocket Network | Nodes + RPC Endpoints (@POKTnetwork) October 10, 2022 <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

  • On October 10th, Erik Ashdown, Head of Ecosystem, represented Covalent on a panel discussion on How to Grow the Demand Side of Protocols with Doug Petkanics from Livepeer, Matthew Fontana from Streamr Network, Zhen Zhenyu from Web3Auth, and hosted by Daniel Olshansky from Pocket Network for Infracon at DevCon in Bogotá, Columbia.


  • On October 18th, Leibing Guo, Developer Relations at Covalent, was featured on the kickoff of Astar’s new series, Tech Talks, speaking on Using Covalent to analyze on-chain data on Astar.Catch the Crowd Cast recording here: Astar Tech Talk with Covalent

Nomad Hack - Incident, Covalent’s Response, Recovery Efforts

Press Coverage


On October 11th, 2022 Covalent became the first blockchain provider in Web3 to index app chains; DeFi Kingdoms and Crabada. Covalent is now the top indexer for zkRollups, Optimistic Rollups and AppChains.

“We are constantly developing new methods of sourcing and presenting valuable blockchain data, and our actions as the first Web3 data provider to index app chains further demonstrate our innovative nature." ~ Ganesh, CEO and Co-Founder, Covalent

“Avalanche is pioneering new ground in Web3 gaming with the advent of Subnets. Covalent is playing a key role in helping these projects discover trends within their games and build features that users want most” ~ Ed Chang, Director of Business Development, Gaming at AVA Labs.

“As a data analyst for DeFi Kingdoms, a cross-chain p2e web3 game, working with data from different chains has always been complex. Covalent does the heavy lifting of syncing data of many blockchains in an easy-to-use multichain dataset. ~ Brbrbr, DeFi Kingdoms

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Covalent Roadshow

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  • 0xpo: November 3rd, San Francisco, USA
  • ETHSF: November 4th to 6th, San Francisco, USA
  • ETHIndia: December 2nd to 4th, Bengaluru, India

Thank you for all of your continued support! We look forward to sharing more exciting updates.

Much love, Ganesh Swami Co-Founder and CEO, Covalent