Blog Banner: Klaytn-Covalent Unified Hackathon - Over 6k in prizes and 37 unique submissions!

Klaytn-Covalent Unified Hackathon - Over 6k in prizes and 37 unique submissions!

We have just concluded the Klaytn-Covalent Unified Hackathon, a multi-week hackathon focusing on building the future of NFTs, Defi, and Dapps. Covalent integrated Klaytn as a supported network in September of 2021 and to celebrate this integration, the Klaytn-Covalent Unified Hackathon was brought forward to onboard more developers to the Klaytn ecosystem utilizing Covalent's powerful Unified API. Over 350 developers signed up for the event and of the 30 prize winners, the top 3 received $5K.

Keep reading to check out their projects!

🎉Klaytn-Covalent Unified Hackathon Winners🎉

Merit Prizes:

  1. Klaytn-Dashboard - $500
  2. Acend Project - $500
  3. Klaytn Watch - $500

Quote from Neo Yiu, Head of Technology Advocacy at Klaytn

It’s incredible to see some of the top projects coming out of this hackathon building and contributing to the diversity of the Klaytn ecosystem using the Covalent API.


  • Project links: Submission and demo
  • Builders: Mark Ruddy
  • Use case: Covctl is a CLI tool to interact with the Covalent APIs covctl. It allows you to access all of Covalent Class A endpoints through the command line!
  • Covalent API: All Class A endpoints


Quote from Mark Ruddy, developer of Covctl

The Covalent API is well-documented, fast and easy to use. As it supports multiple blockchains, it opens your app up to a wealth of information while making near-identical queries.

Fractionalized NFT

  • Project links: Submission and demo
  • Builder: Newman
  • Use case: This is a dApp that allows users to fractionalize either their existing NFTs, or new ones. Fractionalizing an NFT involves locking it inside of a vault where an arbitrary number of tokens are minted as a pegged 'fraction' representing it.
  • Covalent API: Get NFT transactions for contract and Get NFT external metadata for contract


Mutual NFT Searcher

  • Project links: Submission and demo
  • Builder: Jinwoo Cheon
  • Use case: Mutual NFT searcher is an app that allows you to easily compare any two NFT projects in detail. It supports multi-chain NFT collection analysis by getting data on mutual NFT Owners, NFT price floor, unique tokens sold today and volume.
  • Covalent API: Get Token Holders as of any block height and Get NFT Market Global View**


Quote from Jinwoo Cheon, developer of Mutual NFT Searcher

Best API to start with when working with blockchain data. If more than two chains are involved, a must. Covalent API is super easy to use with its well-documented resources that I've had fun playing around with it... and eventually my 'Mutual NFT Searcher' came out.

Congratulations to all the talented participants!