Blog Banner: Gitcoin's Schelling Point Virtual Hackathon Winners Announced!

Gitcoin's Schelling Point Virtual Hackathon Winners Announced!

Covalent is excited to announce the winners of the Gitcoin Schelling Point Virtual Hackathon, which concluded on February 19th. The Schelling Point Hackathon is a celebration of public goods, mechanism design, coordination, culture, and Regen finance. We sponsored a prize pool of $7,000 USDT for projects making use of the Covalent API across three very exciting bounties:

Quote from Morten Pederson, Virtual Events Program Lead at Gitcoin

Covalent's sponsorship of the Schelling Point Virtual Hackathon on Gitcoin did not go unnoticed. Their bounties, value-aligned with the Gitcoin mission and open source ethos, gave birth to several high quality, novel PoC dApps that we are aiming to do good and build upon within our own community and events going forward. Quadratic voting platforms, DAO dashboards and all the good stuff. Keep it coming you amazing builders. Already looking forward to the awesome challenges Covalent will bring on to the GR13 Hackathon starting next week!

We are very excited to showcase some of what we thought are exceptional submissions!

Top Winner - DAO Transparency Dashboard Bounty:

![Image]( transparency.png)

Soheil Rasekh’s (@soheil555) DAO Transparency Dashboard is a clear winner of this category. The UI is clean, minimalist, and zippy, with information structured and emphasized in a logical way. In fulfilment with our bounty suggestion, it even successfully calculates a transparency score based on on-chain metrics of a DAO! Congratulations to Soheil for taking away the first prize of this category of $1400 USDT. It truly shows the power of the Covalent API in building beautiful analytics and dashboards, for whichever vertical within Web3 you’re interested in.

This is what Soheil has to say about his experience using the Covalent API:

Quote from Soheil, first prize winner of the DAO Transparency Dashboard bounty

With just a few API calls I could easily get all the information I needed. The Covalent API documentation site is well written and allows you to directly try the API from the documentation which saves a lot of time and work. Using the Covalent API was an excellent experience.

Top Winner - Quadratic Voting Platform Bounty:

We threw it out there not knowing if it would land, but it seemed like a few brave hackers did manage to pull this one off. The top prize for this bounty goes to Rafael de Souza Cardoso’s (@Rafared) quadratic voting platform, Vochaa.



Vochaa is a platform that protocols can use to conduct quadratic voting for any proposal they’re interested in. The number of credits each individual voter gets is proportional to their token holdings within a particular protocol, calculated upon logging in via Metamask. Your votes are square rooted (along principles of quadratic voting), and votes sent. The UI is functional and features complete, making it a top winner of this category.

Quote from Rafael, top prize winner of the Quadratic Voting Platform bounty

The Covalent API makes the job of fetching data on the blockchain much easier, which used to be a lot of work without, today can be done with a few API calls.

Similarly deserving of special mention is our 2nd prize winner, @DTIV.


@DTIV’s project QVdash, has a slick UI and a more visual way of presenting proposals. We particularly like the dark theme and the simplified manner in which the votes are cast.

Quote from @DTIV

The Covalent API was great for quickly providing useful contract data for our application and the well written documentation made it very easy to work with.

Top Winner of Public Goods Bounty:

![Image]( fees.png)

Akbar Idria’s (@akbaridria) project took away the first prize of $800 USDT for our public goods bounty for its very simple but useful one-page implementation of a trader joe fees calculator powered by Covalent API. It demonstrates the usefulness of Covalent API for data analytics work within a python environment.

So many great projects, so little space to feature them. You can find the full winners’ list here!

Special thanks to Gitcoin and all our hackers for making this event a successful one. See you all in the next hackathon!

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