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ETHGlobal HackMoney2021 - Covalent API Winners Announced

As a first-time sponsor at ETHGlobal's HackMoney, which is the world's largest DeFi hackathon, we were blown away by the innovation and creativity of all the DeFi projects! Congrats to a record participation by 1100 hackers from over 75 countries and 231 projects submitted. We had several fantastic submissions using the Covalent unified API to bring transparency and visibility to assets across all blockchain networks. The Covalent API is ideal for hackathons because it is simply the fastest way for teams to access granular and historical on-chain data without code, unlocking One Billion possibilities.

Quote from Project Degenfolio

I'm so glad I discovered Covalent through this hackathon - the rich data you provide with reliable formatting is a huge huge improvement over any other solution I've encountered in my 4 years of trying to download & parse blockchain data!

All the teams using the Covalent API built projects which are good enough to be their own startup, and we look forward to seeing some of them take the next step! While the teams will evenly share a $4,000 USDT prize pool, we want to recognize 2 projects which went over and beyond our expectations and will receive an additional bonus prize:

  • d-Pad Café - a simple way to create an automated, Web3-native Profit-Sharing Agreement. This project makes use of a reusable Chainlink + Covalent API adapter and is the first time we've seen a successfully working example of a smart contract using Chainlink to make external Covalent API calls!
  • Hal Finance - a unified, multi-chain, multi-asset DeFi dashboard. This project leverages Covalent's API endpoints on portfolio values and token holders to build out the dashboard and even incorporates token sentiment analysis.

Other great projects to check out:

  • Blockhead - user-friendly interface for tracking, visualizing and exploring your blockchain assets. This project is now also set up as a Gitcoin Grant!
  • Degenfolio - a multi-chain financial history visualizer and tax form generator.
  • DeChess - play chess with your friends on a decentralized peer-to-peer platform, featuring unique cross-chain NFT pieces
  • Dokodemo Doa - an all-in-one blockchain explorer including layer 1 and 2 blockchains and DeFi analytics.

See the full list of HackMoney projects here.

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