Blog Banner: Chainlink Spring Hackathon - $8.5K in prizes and 36 unique submissions!

Chainlink Spring Hackathon - $8.5K in prizes and 36 unique submissions!

Covalent is pleased to announce the winners of the $8,500 pool prize offered for the Chainlink Spring Hackathon, which involved nearly 1500 developers and over $1M in prizes! There were 36 submissions for the pool prize, which required projects to use the Covalent Unified API to pull on-chain data from supported blockchains into a smart contract. We're excited to explore this novel and emerging use case with Chainlink.

Keep reading to check out their projects!

🎉 The top 2 projects that we would like to highlight are: 🎉

  • The Monitor - $3,000 top prize
  • Omnidata Protocol - $2,500 prize

Check out this link to see all the Covalent Unified API submissions.

We're excited to have data providers like Covalent participate in this hackathon and contribute ideas, prizes and their Unified API to grow the web3 ecosystem!

The Monitor

  • Project links:
  • Builders: Pascal Belouin & Sijuade Ajagunna
  • Use case: Monitors wallet address for staking rewards and automatically swaps a specified amount to a stablecoin when a reward is received.
  • Covalent API: Uses the ****Get log events by topic hash endpoint to monitor for particular swaps in their application smart contract and displays those details for the users

Quote from Pascal Belouin & Sijuade Ajagunna, The Monitor

The Covalent Unified API was incredibly easy to use and is very useful for creating cross-chain dApps.

Omnidata protocol

Quote from Victor Feng, Omnidata

Covalent is the most comprehensive provider of cross-chain data APIs I've used so far. Needless to say that integrating Covalent's NFT APIs into Omnidata Oracle that is bridging the NFTs data across blockchains is pretty easy and straightforward.

Congratulations to all the talented participants!