Blog Banner: 🔟 Multiple Ethereum Wallet support – SafeKeep launch countdown #10

🔟 Multiple Ethereum Wallet support – SafeKeep launch countdown #10

TLDR; After having been in private beta for the past 3 months, we are excited to announce the public beta launch of SafeKeep, the fastest, most comprehensive and integrated record-keeping app for your crypto assets. With such a large amount of real-world finances locked up in DeFi protocols, it is imperative that sophisticated DeFi investors have a clear understanding on just exactly what is going on with their crypto-holdings. Over the next few weeks, we will be counting down the top 10 ways that SafeKeep allows unparalleled insight into your crypto assets. Let’s get started!

Countdown #10: SafeKeep allows a holistic & integrated look at your crypto assets over your multiple wallets

One of the most useful features we've built into SafeKeep is the ability to track multiple Ethereum wallets regardless of the originating wallet. Time and again we see the community asking for this feature:


Farming crypto-twitter for unmet needs – Source.

SafeKeep is a read-only application and therefore does not and will never attempt to manage your assets. You don’t even need Metamask installed - we’ve bypassed all the Web3 kludge and read directly from the blockchain.

The problem we are trying to solve

A major problem with the current DeFi landscape is the fragmentation of assets over multiple wallets, multiple protocols and soon enough multiple side-chains. For example, every time a user takes a loan from MakerDAO, a new proxy wallet needs to be created. This is a major source of confusion for new users because their proxy wallet balances don't match their Metamask wallet balances.

SafeKeep solves this. SafeKeep walks through your entire transaction history and is able to piece together all of your wallets in one convenient place. Say goodbye to endless open tabs on your web browser. All you need is your public address.


SafeKeep is powered by the Covalent API/SDK and Covalent’s unique approach to indexing blockchain data makes future wallet compatibility automatic. For example, there were zero modifications required to support InstaDApp’s new DeFi Smart Account (DSA). Above are just a few of the smart contract wallets that SafeKeep supports.

Galaxy brain explosion 🤯


SafeKeep supporting Gnosis Wallet + Maker + InstaDApp. Try live

The composable nature of DeFi exacerbates the wallet fragmentation problem. What if a user with a Gnosis Safe Wallet opens a Maker loan using InstaDApp’s new DeFi Smart Account? Gotchu fam 😗 – try this use-case on SafeKeep now.

What's next?

Don’t want to fuss around with your public address hash? Stay tuned for our next post in the series for reason #9 why SafeKeep is the best tool to keep track of your DeFi assets, and one of our personal favorites: Ethereum Name Service (ENS) compatibility!