Blog Banner: The Covalent Network Docs: Exploring the Covalent Network

The Covalent Network Docs: Exploring the Covalent Network


  • The Covalent Network Docs are now live!
  • This space will serve as the home of all resources regarding the Covalent Network.
  • As the Covalent Network is developed and further roles become operational, resources will be added to the documentation.

Laying the Foundation for a Rich Resource Centre

A critical component to any piece of software is good documentation. Late last year, Covalent delivered a revamped version of the reference documentation of its GoldRush Blockchain APIs. Today, Covalent is delighted to launch the Covalent Network Documentation which will serve as the network's resource centre as we march toward launching staking.

The Covalent Network documentation is by no means a finished product. Rather, the beginning of a collaborative effort between network stakeholders to create a vibrant collection of network resources.

You can expect to find:

  • Information about how the Covalent Network will work
  • Network Operator roles
  • CQT and its utility
  • Guides
  • ... and much more.


Read the Covalent Network Docs

Building Trust

With a decentralized or distributed system, trust is paramount. Without trust embedded, encouraged and facilitated within a system, you cannot expect the stakeholders to interact and cooperate honestly with one another. Each network operator should be able to trust one another. Each delegator should be able to trust each network operator. Information is critical to this.

As Covalent develops the infrastructure to enable a decentralized blockchain data indexing and querying model, we will also create facilitates that build trust. The Covalent Network Documentation is one such facility that will develop into a rich resource centre where any network stakeholder can learn more about the Covalent Network.

The Path Forward

The Covalent Network documents will be ever-expanding. As further network roles go live, operational requirements and details about the role will be referenced. As new network terms are defined, they will be added to the glossary. And of course, means for the community to contribute.

In the Covalent Discord, you can now find the Covalent Network category. Here, you can ask questions regarding the Covalent Network and provide any feedback you see fit.