Curious about GoldRush Kit and how it can elevate your blockchain project? You're about to discover the magic of GoldRush Kit's Storybook, an interactive playground for developers! Storybook is an open-source tool that allows you to visually browse and interact with a library of UI components. It's like having a neatly organized catalog of building blocks, each ready to be explored and implemented in your projects. By running the GoldRush Kit Storybook, you'll gain hands-on experience with a wide range of React components specifically designed for blockchain applications.

This 10-step guide will effortlessly walk you through the process of setting up and running the Storybook. Get ready to dive into a world where exploring, testing, and integrating UI components is not only productive but also a whole lot of fun!


Create a New Directory

Navigate to where you want the new directory and run the following command in your terminal.

mkdir GoldRushProject

Navigate to the New Directory


cd GoldRushProject

Clone the Repository

Copy the URL from the GoldRush Kit repository and clone it.

git clone

Navigate to the Project Directory

Move into the directory of the cloned repository.

cd goldrush-kit

Install Project Dependencies

This installs all dependencies listed in the project's package.json.

npm install

Create the .env File

Use nano or your preferred text editor to create and edit the .env file.

nano .env

Add the Environment Variable

Inside nano: Type STORYBOOK_COVALENT_API_KEY=your_actual_api_key

Replace your_actual_api_key with your GoldRush API key.


Save and Exit .env File

Save: Press Ctrl + O, then Enter

Exit: Press Ctrl + X


Verify the .env File Creation

This displays the contents of your .env file.

cat .env

Run Storybook

This starts the Storybook environment. You'll see a URL in the terminal (usually http://localhost:6006) where you can view Storybook.

npm run dev


Well done! You've successfully launched the Storybook. Now, a universe of React components is at your fingertips, ready to be explored, tested, and tailored to fit your unique blockchain project. GoldRush Kit is all about empowering developers like you with the resources to build intuitive, engaging, and powerful blockchain interfaces. So, keep playing around, keep building, and most importantly, have fun as you transform your blockchain visions into reality. Happy building with GoldRush Kit!