Required component wrapper to configure GoldRush theme and API key.

GoldRushProvider wraps around the application to configure GoldRush components. Properties such as colors, theme, and mode can be added to change how the components look on your application.


Below is basic implementation of the GoldRushProvider component. You can use this as a starting point for your own implementation.

    apikey={YOUR_API_KEY} //use your API key
    mode="dark" //dark mode or light mode
    color="emerald" //color theme

/* Your App */

Required Properties
apikeystringRequired API key.
Optional Properties
themeclassic | neoTheme for GoldRush components.
modedark | lightMode for GoldRush components.
border_radiusnone | small | medium | large | fullBorder radius for GoldRush components.
colorslate | stone | red | orange | amber | yellow | lime | green | emerald | cyan | sky | blue | indigo | violet | purple | fuchsia | pink | roseColors for GoldRush components.